2021 On location Services:

  • $100 per artist that comes on location. 
  • $85 per appointment. Includes airbrush foundation and classic style faux lashes.
  • Call for pricing for anything theatrical, drag, or Halloween related. 

If outside of the Des Moines area there is an additional charge of $0.58 per mile round trip.

2021 In Shop Applications:

  • $85 for in shop makeup applications. This includes the full face of makeup, with airbrush foundation, classic style faux lashes + 20% off any products purchased that day.
  • $85 an hour for personal lessons, includes all of the things included in the basic appointments + we teach you how to recreate the look. Typically only last an hour but if the look is heavier or more on the theatrical side it could exceed that hour. Includes 20% off products.
  • $100+ for theatrical/drag/Halloween applications. Also includes airbrush foundation (if its right for the look) and classic style lashes, diva style lashes will be an extra charge, + the 20% discount on product. (20% discount is can not be combined with artistry discount). 


Trials are not included in any of the appointment costs. Trials are in shop appointments only, and should be booked with the artist you are having do your makeup the day of your event. The cost is $85.00 and include everything in the basic in shop appointment. 

 *Industry tips usually range from 15-30% and are highly appreciated by our artists*


Yumilash Keratin Lash Lift + Tint: This service is designed to give your lashes a semi-permanent curl that will last 12-14 weeks. Packed with keratin, this will also strengthen and thicken your lashes creating a fuller look to your lash line. A tint is also included to color your lashes to a nice deep black shade, making them stand out even more. Price for lash lift is $150.

Keratin Brow Lamination: Similar to the Lash Lift, this will create a fuller, darker brow. This service is also used to shape and design your brow the way you desire it. Tinting is according to hair color, with the capability of custom blending. Tweezing is included. Price for brow lift is $60.  

Lash or Brow Tint: Want to define your lashes and or brows so you don't have to apply makeup everyday? This is the service for you! Price is $20 for lashes OR brows.


2022 Appointments: Prices for all makeup appointments booked for January 1st, 2022 and on will be booked at the 2022 pricing beginning October 7th, 2021.

In shop makeup applications: 1 hour at $95.00 + 20% discount on any product purchased at that time

First on location application per artist: $200.00

Each additional application per artist: $95.00

Each of these makeup applications include airbrush foundation if desired, as well as any classic style false eyelashes.

*Add on: Individual single-use false lashes: $20.00 upcharge to any application.

*Travel beyond 30 minutes from our shop: .60/Mile to and from your location

*Appointment requests for any in shop makeup applications beginning before 9AM, beginning after 6PM, and anytime on Sundays: $20.00 additional gratuity added on 

Theatrical/Halloween/Drag, etc: $125.00 in shop

Theatrical/Halloween/Drag, etc: $225.00 on location

* Any upcharge for these more dramatic looks based on specific look requirements

Makeup Lessons: 1.5-2 Hours at $100/hour; special group class rates available as well. + 20% product discount at time of lesson.

Yumi Lash Lift + Tint: $150.00

Lash Tint Only: $25.00

Brow Tint Only: $25.00

Yumi Brow Lamination + Tint: $75.00