About Our Brand

Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics was created by Patrick Faris (Boltinghouse) in 2009. Patrick had previously been a makeup artist at M.A.C. for almost a decade before branching out and starting his own cosmetic line. His vision for Vanity & Glamour was to essentially be a "big kid candy store" and have something for everyone (literally from "politicians to drag queens"). He really wanted to normalize adding a little *vanity* and *glamour* to your life, whether you spend 5 minutes, or an hour on your image. Patrick devoted a lot of time to consciously choose what labs to source our products from and in creating the initial image for our brand. He has since left Iowa and the world of makeup (mostly) to start an organic farm in Hawaii, which was another big dream of his. Since Patrick's departure, we have strived to uphold his original values for Vanity & Glamour such as being inclusive and welcoming to all, continuing to consciously curate the products we carry, having a 100% cruelty free brand, and continuing to create and enhance our artistry in the beauty industry. We continue to add to our diverse makeup artist team to bring you the best experience.

It's Not Just Makeup, It's Magic!

Patrick at the original location of Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics

Patrick and previous artist Hunter in action!